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earrings for your face

You will thus discover in this guide how to determine the shape of your face, as well as our advice for choosing the right models of handmade earrings, in accordance with your morphology.

The round face has the particularity of forming very soft curves, all in curves.

It is balanced in its proportions, as wide as it is long. It does not have well marked and defined angles, especially at the level of the chin, which is often rounded. The hairline located on the forehead draws a curved line, which has the effect of softening the features. The cheekbones are generally present and prominent, reinforcing the appearance of roundness and an impression of youth.

To counterbalance the somewhat too childish effect of a round face, long and elongated earrings make it possible to refine and lengthen the general shape. This handcrafted jewel in white or black porcelain instantly stretches the face and affirms your femininity. Golden or silver curls, simple and fine all in length, bring delicacy and distinction. It is especially necessary to avoid too large volumes, such as hoop earrings or other models that are too round.

Long porcelain earrings with a pearl pendant for a round female face

The square face is in its proportions, as long as it is wide. We generally observe a fairly straight line of hair at the level of the forehead, just like the sides of the face which also follow a straight line up to the jaw. The jaw, precisely, is often pronounced and square, and the same width as the forehead. The cheekbones are slightly marked, making the lines of the face very straight.

To sublimate a rather square face, a round ceramic earring contrasts and softens the whole. Choose drop earrings that aren’t too long, like sleeper earrings with a round pendant . The curved shapes soften a slightly present jawline, and balance the pronounced angles of the face.

Sleeper earring in blue and gold porcelain with a round pendant for a woman with a square face

The heart-shaped face often draws a face that is a little more stretched in length than in width. The forehead is wider than the jaw, which is narrow, even slightly pointed. The hairline is rounded, and may have a V-shaped point in the center of the forehead that recalls the characteristic shape of the heart. The cheekbones are the same width as the forehead, rather pronounced.

To highlight a heart-shaped face, it is preferable to choose porcelain earrings which will present volumes that are inverted in relation to those of the face, that is to say with a rather narrow grip, and a hanging wider at the bottom. This will have the effect of slightly increasing the volume of the jawline. The models in the shape of chandeliers or triangular come to compliment your face, and recreate the balance.

White porcelain earring with a gold charm for a woman with a heart-shaped face

The oval face is by definition longer than it is wide. The cheekbones mark the widest part of the face, and are often very prominent. The width of the forehead and the jawline are smaller, which gives this impression of an elongated oval. The forehead is often high, and the chin has rather well drawn and sharp angles.

Notice to all women with an oval face, the shape of your face allows you all the fantasies! Indeed all gold or silver handcrafted jewelry can suit you thanks to the well-balanced volumes of your face. Stud earrings , sleepers, hoops and rings, or dangling earrings in 14k gold-filled, you can afford it all. If, on the other hand, you do not want to emphasize the effect of length, avoid models that are too long and fall below the line of the chin.

Black and gold porcelain stud earrings for a feminine oval face

The long, narrow face approaches the oval shape, but a little more elongated. It often presents a shape more in length than in width, marked by a fairly prominent forehead and an elongated, fine and narrow chin. The cheekbones generally follow the lines of the jawline harmoniously.

To balance the elongated effect of a long narrow face, you can choose rather wide and short models of handmade porcelain earrings. The square models, the chandeliers, drop or sleeper models will suit you perfectly.

Sleeper earrings with a blue hexagon-shaped pendant for a woman with a long and narrow face

The rectangular face is similar to the square face, except that the first generally has a well-defined jawline and more angular features. Also, the face appears much longer than it is wide, forming an elongated square.

The hairline usually follows a straight shape like the sides of the face which follow straight lines up to the jawline. The fairly high forehead is the same width as the jaw, generally square. The cheekbones remain little marked, and of the same size as the rest of the face.

To choose the perfect Limoges porcelain jewel for your rectangular face, choose the gold or silver model which will soften the slightly too angular contours of the face, without forcing the elongated appearance. Go for models that are long and curvaceous to soften the overall look of facial lines. From rather discreet models of earrings like fleas, to more imposing and voluminous models like hoops , you are spoiled for choice in our range of jewelry made in France!

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