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Did you know that magnetic false eyelashes look even better on healthy eyelashes ! Chemical ingredients, superficial make-up removal and repeated rubbing, so many bad habits that harm the beauty of your eyes!

Today we give you our expert advice to take care of your eyelashes and naturally boost their growth. Discover the steps to adopt to preserve all the natural beauty of your eyelashes.


The health of your eyelashes depends on your beauty routine , and more specifically, on how carefully you cleanse your face. And yes, if it is important to properly clean the skin pores, we must not forget the eyelids, the mucous membranes, the eyelashes and the eyebrows !

In other words, a quick dab of makeup remover on your eyes is n’t nearly enough to remove all the makeup. Moreover, proof is in the morning, when you wake up with the unpleasant sensation of glued eyelashes.

Your eyes need as much attention as the rest of your face. Indeed, the slightest residue of mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow dries out your lashes, making them fragile and brittle . For this, the secret is to choose a product that cleans gently .

Avoid artificial additives : prefer care and make-up removers free of chemical substances that could irritate the eye contour and attack your eyelashes and eyebrows. Today, many brands offer products with an organic and almost natural composition.

We can’t say it enough: removing makeup in a hurry is THE bad habit that harms the health and growth of your eyelashes (and your eyebrows if you wear makeup)! Wearing false eyelashes shouldn’t give you an excuse to skip this step. On the contrary, your extensions will have much more effect if they blend naturally with your eyelashes.

If you don’t clean your lashes thoroughly, no matter what cleansing cream or lotion you use, they will remain dry and brittle .

This is why we recommend using a brush specially designed for cleaning them . Passed after the application of your make-up remover, this simple beauty accessory allows you to remove all the make-up located on the hair follicle.

And then, be aware that there are treatments formulated to stimulate the growth of eyelashes, we will tell you about them in a little more detail in the next paragraph. Anyway, to apply these treatments correctly, again we advise you to opt for a suitable brush, similar to those of mascaras . Thus, you are sure that the product covers all the hairs, without pulling them or attacking them.


As you will have understood, the secret of long, thick and full eyelashes is good hydration . Just like your skin and your horses, your eyelashes and eyebrows need a little boost to fight dryness

3. Castor ol to take care of your eyelashes

Widely used in herbal medicine, lavender is known for its anti-stress properties. Applied to the level of the eyes, it will help you soothe the itching and thus protect it from any unwanted rubbing!


Sweet and very nutritious, the almond is rich in vitamin E, calcium and magnesium… A real cocktail of vitality for the hair follicle!

For all these products, we advise you to choose an organic brand , even if it means paying a slightly higher price. Remember that the eye area is extremely sensitive which deserves special treatment.


Mascara is very harmful to eyelash health. Nevertheless, it is difficult to do without ! The least we can do is therefore be careful to remove it completely… Without pulling on your eyelashes during the process .

Sleeping with a chemical substance on your eyes damages your eyelashes, and it’s also very unhygienic ! You risk developing skin irritation, infection, or even an allergy. In short, sleeping without removing your make-up is a gesture that you must prohibit at all costs , without exception.

Be careful though, it’s not just about using a quality product and an appropriate accessory . Be gentle , and above all, take your time!

Expert advice : if you use false eyelashes, prefer magnetic extensions . Indeed, they are applied without glue and protect your lashes from contact with a chemical substance. You can also take the opportunity to do without mascara and kill two birds with one stone!


Taking care of your look is not just about using a suitable treatment or serum. To obtain the expected results, you must also take care to avoid all these daily actions that harm the health of your eyelashes :

Curl the eyelashes . Repeated use of the eyelash curler causes significant stress on the hair follicle, which can slow down its growth.

Rub your eyes . This innocuous gesture tears, breaks and weakens your eyelashes (and your eyebrows!). So the next time you feel like rubbing your eyes, take a cotton ball soaked in chamomile tea instead! This will calm your itching gently.

Using expired beauty products . Sort through your makeup bag every 6 months or so, checking the expiry date of each product.

Pull on your false eyelashes to remove them . At the end of the evening, you only want to go to bed. But that’s no reason to pull on your extensions without sparing yourself! If you do not know how to go about it, do not hesitate to consultour tips for gently removing false eyelashes.


Despite all your efforts, your eyelashes are neither longer nor thicker? This may be the time to entrust the beauty of your eyes to a beautician or a dermatologist .

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