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layering jewelry

Jewelry is more than just accessories. These are precious pieces that enhance your outfits. Whether for men or women, it has become unthinkable to leave the house without wearing a bracelet, necklace, ring or earrings. But did you know that you can accumulate your jewelry thanks to the layering trend? The accumulation of bracelets, the accumulation of necklaces or the accumulation of rings is fashionable. You don’t know what we’re talking about? Discover layering, the jewelry trend of the moment!

What is jewelry layering?

Jewelry hoarding, or bracelet hoarding, is the trend to follow. The word layering comes from the English term “layer” which means “layer” in French. This trend therefore refers to wearing several jewels by forming layers that maintain a precise order to sublimate a look and make it more original and worked. The goal is to create a beautiful harmony by combining pieces for an elegant and refined look.

Why embrace the jewelry hoarding trend?

Jewelry layering is the perfect trend for indecisive people who can never decide on just one ring, or one bracelet, or one necklace. The accumulation of bracelets allows you to wear all the models you like while creating a particular and unique look. Another plus is that the accumulation of jewelry adds a touch of style to all your looks. Everyone will be able to notice your creative combinations.

What are the different ways to adopt jewelry layering?

In the jewelry layering you will find different ways to accumulate your favorite pieces. Accumulation of bracelets, accumulation of necklaces or even accumulation of rings or earrings, everything is possible. Find a selection of refined jewelry on our jewelry page.

Collar layering

The accumulation of necklaces is a very elegant trend. To adopt it, try to keep the space between each necklace, choker or pendant. Pendant necklace, medal necklace, gold or silver necklace, you can combine everything as long as the result is harmonious. You can even create a waterfall effect by layering necklaces of different sizes.

The layering of earrings

The accumulation of earrings offers a very refined visual result. There is no maximum number of earrings to layer on your ears, it’s all up to you. You can create asymmetrical combinations!

The layering of rings

Ring stacking is all about combining minimalist rings. Decorate each of your fingers with one or more rings and follow the current trend. You can wear all your favorite rings at the same time, but be careful: the combo must look harmonious to the naked eye.

Bracelet layering

The trend of jewelry worn in layers or cascading invites you to flaunt many bracelets on your wrist. Cord bracelet, bangle, chain bracelet, bracelet, gold bracelet, silver bracelet, the variety is great to elevate your outfits.

accumulation of rings

To combine several jewels, it is necessary to follow some rules so that the rendering is harmonious and elegant. Indeed, although layering in jewelry is characterized by being guided by personal preferences, there are a number of tricks to make the association a success!

The rule of 3

If you’re not sure how many items to wear, 3 is the magic number. In this way, there will not be too much jewelry and you will subtly combine all the pieces.

The minimalist style

It is easier to combine minimalist and simple designs, which can be a good starting point. As you experiment and progress with layering, you can introduce elements that are taller, wider, or with showy detail.

Jewelry of different sizes

You can use pieces of equal size, but it is true that the application of this technique is easier if you use jewelry of different sizes. You can arrange them in a special order to show some visual harmony, as in the case of necklaces, starting with a choker and ending with a long chain with a pendant.

The choice of metal

Choose gold or silver and keep all your jewelry in that tone, that way it will be easier to combine with each other if you start trying this technique. You can also take risks and mix different metals to add a touch of originality to your combination.

The same color base

Whether you prefer silver, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, you must above all make sure to choose the same color base to combine all your pieces. It is important to keep the same metallic shade to avoid mistakes in taste. If you’re wearing a watch, ideally it’s also the same color to keep harmony in your jewelry accumulation.

The space between each jewel

It is necessary to leave space between each jewel if you want to adopt the trend of layering with elegance. This especially concerns necklaces and earrings. You will have to control the distance between each piece. In this way, each jewel can have the role and place it deserves. For information, long chains give more depth to your neckline and lengthen your neck. Conversely, to accumulate bracelets on the wrist, it is better to avoid spaces.

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How to combine the bracelets?

Thanks to layering, you can combine several bracelets with elegance and style. With the accumulation of bracelets, you can mix and match your jewelry to create a beautiful harmony.

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