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Flower market

While the turnover of the sector, estimated at 1 billion euros, recorded in 2020 a fall of 7% in value due to the confinements, the flower market is doing rather well and presents great opportunities, in particular in franchise. Focus on the key figures of the flower market, players and opportunities.

Flower market: still flourishing?

Despite a 7% fall in value in 2020 due to the successive confinements imposed by the health situation, the flower market recorded an overall turnover of around 1 billion euros . And this, with an average basket of €25.

After a drop in the average basket in 2017, the quantities purchased increased by 1.6 points in 2018 and the budget went from €108.8 per year to €114.9 per year.

France had 13,225 companies in the flower sector in 2023

While flowers are the French people’s favorite gift for many occasions, especially when they are invited, the market remains dominated by a few highlights on which florists make a significant part of their turnover.

All Saints Day is thus one of the strongest times of the year with 23 million flower pots sold in France each year.

Valentine’s Day is also a high point with, on average, the equivalent of 1 week’s turnover achieved in just 1 day.

According to the latest branch report produced by the research firm Xerfi, 23.5% of companies employ between 3 and 5 employees, a share that has been falling for several years and with a drop of -11% between 2019 and 2020. , 68.5% of companies in the flower sector employ 1 to 2 employees.

But above all, florist is still a slightly more feminine profession, with 57% of women and 43% of men among managers . A gap that widens when we look at the side of employees since the sector then has 83.5% of women against only 16.5% of men.

It is therefore interesting to note that the flower sector is becoming more masculine through entrepreneurship, while the profession of salaried florist is still largely female.

franchise business: what support for women?

Flower shop: the domination of the franchise

Mass distribution remains the main flower purchase channel with 56% of purchases, compared to 40% for florists.

However, it is with florists that the sums spent are the greatest. After falling in 2017, the average budget is thus up by €5.3 for households that buy plants from the florist. Consequently, in value terms, florists capture 49% market share, with an average basket of €25 .

However, of the 13,225 florist companies that there were in France in 2020, there were only 4.5% of franchised shops. However, the latter capture 25% of the sector’s turnover.

Top florist franchises

Solid supply circuits, purchasing or supply centers favoring negotiated prices and greater purchasing capacity on the Dutch market, greater impact in terms of marketing and communication: the advantages of florist franchises are undeniable in a competitive market.

So if you want to open a flower shop in France in 2022, choose a franchise to benefit from the advantages of a recognized brand and, above all, many competitive advantages.

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