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shoelaces in style

A little scientific study will teach you that there are no less than 400 million ways to tie your shoes. Fortunately, we will stop at five.

Cross lacing

This is the most used lacing to close sneakers. It consists of passing the lace through the two eyelets at the bottom, leaving an equal length on each side. Then just go up crossing by each opposite eyelet, to the top.

Parallel lacing

If you like your laces to be parallel and rather discreet, this lacing is for you. Both ends of the laces come up horizontally through the eyelets then go to the other side, allowing excess laces to be tucked under the sides.

This lacing is made for sneakers and pairs of boots.

We often find this composition on more dressy shoes, such as Derbies or Oxfords. The resulting effect is smarter because it makes the laces more discreet without giving the impression of lacing sneakers.

Commando lacing

This shoe lacing comes directly from the military world (you may have guessed it from its name), it allows you to quickly close a pair of boots.

While one end of the shoelace is permanently attached to the bottom eyelet, it runs up the eyelets to the top following an S-shaped path. All that remains is to tie a small slip knot at the top .

A few tips before changing all your lacings

If you want to change the laces of your shoes (which by the way is a very good way to give them a facelift), here are some tips to get started.

The color of the laces

The color or colors you can choose will depend on the shoe in question. The more formal the shoe (Richelieu, derbies in particular), the more solid color laces are recommended. To avoid taking any risks, you can choose laces that complement the color of your shoes (example: if you have a pair of dark brown shoes, take light brown laces).

You can also operate a contrast between the shoe and the lace. Opt for example for a navy blue or burgundy lace with a brown pair.

Sneakers and sports shoes, on the other hand, allow you to be a little more creative and go for multi-colored laces.

The size of the laces

As the saying goes, the strength of a chain is measured at its weakest link. More concretely, this means that you may have the most beautiful and most expensive pair of shoes, if it has unsuitable laces (and in particular too long).

Before buying a new pair, if you are in doubt about the size of the laces and before breaking the bank, simply measure your current laces.

The width of the laces

The width is also important. While wide, flat shoelaces were cool when you were 10, that’s less true today.

If you have any doubts, remember as a rule that they should not exceed 1 cm in width, which is already a good size.

The composition of the laces

This may be the first time you think about wondering what your shoelaces are made of. However, by digging a little, we realize that they can be made of many materials (from cotton to wool via nylon, plastic or kevlar).

The main idea is to adapt your laces to the season. Once winter arrives, choose waxed laces to better resist the weather. For warmer seasons, cotton or nylon will do.

How to lace brogues

Richelieu shoes are quite different from the others due to their composition. They have a lacing that is said to be closed, unlike derbies, which provides more rigidity but more elegance.

For the laces, it is better to choose them round and thin. For the color, prefer either a shade identical to the shoes, or complementary (that is to say that goes well without attracting the eye) and avoid any color that would contrast.

The derby is more versatile than the Richelieu, it can be used as much for the office as for everyday life, thanks to its rather dressy appearance and its comfort.

It features open lacing, which makes it more flexible. But on the lacing side, it will be like for the Richelieu: a round and thin lace laced according to the straight method (European or not).

Converses are among the most popular shoes in the world. From their launch in 1915, they alone occupied 80% of the market share linked to sneakers. When basketball player Chuck Taylor joined the adventure in 1923, the brand only strengthened its dominant position, in particular by conquering the sports world.

Today, the converse has become a classic shoe for everyday life. If you have any doubt about the nature of the laces to choose, always choose flat laces. If you are in doubt about the color, white will always be a risk-free solution.

Sneakers are often the shoes we prefer to wear, especially because they are often the most comfortable. All the more reason to choose the right laces, to combine style and practicality.

You can choose flat or round laces, depending on the type of sneakers you have. If you are a fan of low-colored models, flat white laces are ideal. Otherwise, for others, you can explore more adventurous options.

However, they are very special, since they only have four eyelets. So there are not a hundred ways to lace them. Pay attention to the length of the laces though, unlike other shoes they have less of a way to go.

Round or flat laces will be suitable, and you can even try to take them in color. Remember to take them long, they will have a long way to go before reaching the top of the shoe.

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