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You may not know it, but just like our hair or our skin, it is important to maintain and take care of our eyelashes. The look is often the first thing you notice about someone. Do you want to preserve all the natural beauty of your eyelashes? Your eyes will thank you.

1 – Nourish your eyelashes naturally

The eyelash is made up of a hair follicle at its base . Taking care of it means taking care of your eyelashes from bulb to tip! When you know that an eyelash grows from the bulb and the follicle, you think it’s worth it. Your best friend for this? Vegetable castor oil . It will strengthen this follicle and therefore strengthen the implantation of your eyelashes . Rich in Omega 6, Omega 9 and vitamin E, it is the perfect ally for their growth (and that of your hair by the way).

For the application: either you equip yourself with a clean brush that you will only use for this. Dip it in the oil and apply it from the base of your lashes to the tip. Either you can use a cotton swab and proceed in the same way.

2 – Boost their growth with a serum

The cycle of the eyelash follows that of the hair. It renews itself every 3 months and grows 0.12 mm per day. If you have the impression that your eyelashes are not growing, or that they are growing back slowly, using a serum with a high concentration of active ingredients will help boost the functioning of the hair follicle .

If daily assiduity in care isn’t your thing, don’t panic. A good result can be obtained if you practice the application of the serum in cure of 1 or 2 months , the time to have a new ciliary cycle.

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3 – Brush your eyelashes to take care of them

Like hair, untangled eyelashes freed from dust and sebum appear healthier and above all fuller. If the technique can make you smile, get into the habit of brushing your eyelashes (and your eyebrows). You can use a clean bottle brush , or do so when applying castor oil (explained in point 1) .

4 – Limit aggressive practices

In addition to avoiding rubbing your eyes , in order to avoid tearing out our precious eyelashes, two other practices should be avoided: the eyelash curler and eyelash extensions . We are not telling you not to use them, just to pay attention to their uses .

If using an eyelash curler is not dangerous for your eyelashes, provided you are delicate in the pressure , the timing is crucial. Always before mascara! Used afterwards, the eyelash is hardened by the material and can cut sharply when tweezers are pressed. As for extensions, be sure to take breaks of at least 3 weeks every 3 months . The glue used will not burn the hair follicle and will not prevent any regrowth.

5 – Have a good diet

Composed of keratin, the eyelash needs foods rich in proteins and good lipids. Those to favor are unprocessed and raw foods. You can consider raiding avocado, nuts, sweet potatoes or beans, which contain a large amount of vitamin H, vitamin E and biotin, among other things.

It is also possible to turn to dietary supplements . They will supplement your daily intake and contribute to the beauty of your eyelashes.

6 – Choose the right mascara to take care of your eyelashes

If you wear make-up, when it comes to choosing your mascara, you want to set your sights on the one that promises eyelashes worthy of a “Russian volume”. It may be a mistake. Above all, you should choose your mascara according to the nature of your cis . We also favor a composition without silicones and not waterproof.

As far as possible, the waterproof must indeed be confined to the summer season , because it contains more material, requires more friction to be removed. Used daily, it increases the risk of eyelashes falling out. Also, do not hesitate to protect your eyelashes by applying a primer , before said mascara. It will help coat the eyelash and make it stronger to then support the material of the mascara.

7 – Thoroughly remove make-up

This is information that we are now used to seeing everywhere, but it is always good to remember it. Make-up removal is the essential step in the health of your eyelashes , both in the choice of product and in the way of proceeding.

The most effective product for eye make-up removal remains oil . It will help to gently catch all the make-up particles. With your fingers, thanks to light pressure directed outwards , you are sure to remove make-up effectively. If you are a fan of cotton (washing if possible), proceed in the same way, without rubbing . It could tear out your eyelashes.

As we maintain the soil around our plantations so that it is fertile, our eyelashes must be on a moisturized eyelid . We therefore take care of the contour of our eyes thanks to specific treatments. But also micro-massages which will help to accentuate the microcirculation of this sensitive and fragile area. This will better drain the hair follicle.

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